Holiday Sangria Massage Candle

Holiday Sangria Massage Candle

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6 oz Holiday Sangria hand made and hand poured Massage candle. Made with all natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types. Perfect for special occasions or intimate settings. A sweet sangria aromatic scent, Soft and moisturizing finish to the skin.

All of our candles are made in small batches ahead of time to give them time to cure. Some candles may differ in appearance but should perform to the same standard. If for any reason that we do not have enough of this particular scent at the time of your order we will make one specially for you.

Wax- Our candles are made from 100% eco-friendly soy wax made from non-GM, American-grown Soy beans which burns cleaner and is better for you, your home and the environment while distributing scent much better than other candle waxes. Our soy wax is formulated specially for container candles and for holding the maximum amount of fragrance allowed to give you the best possible quality candle with the best quality and most sustainable ingredients.

Container- Our candles come in a reusable tin container which can be washed with warm water and reused once all the wax has been melted.


These make the perfect Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Home Decor, Book Lovers Gift, or Office Gift.

  • Tips on Candle Burning:

    Candle burning tips-    

    • Always keep your wick centered and trimmed to 1/4”.

    • Allow the candle to burn for 2 – 4 hours each time you light it

    • Always place the candle on a heat resistant surface when burning it

    • Keep the burning candle away from children, pets, drafts & flammable objects

    • Do not move the candle while it is burning or if the wax is liquid

    • Scents are best distributed in rooms without open doors or open windows


    Quality assured- if for any reason you are not satisfied with candle performance or do not like the scent you have purchased please message me to discuss what I can do to improve your satisfaction with my product.